About APIs.io Search

APIs.io is all about experimenting with API search and discovery. This website is simply just HTML and JavaScript, powered by Jekyll and Bootstrap, running on GitHub Pages, with an APIs.json core.

We offer up two separate search solutions to potentially take the API search and discovery conversation in two directions:

  • Network Search - This is simple JavaScript search that spiders network and search APIs.json files across multiple locations.
  • Cloud Search - A cloud API powered version of search that we will be evolving to deliver API search in new and interesting ways.

Everything is experimental and evolving right now. The network search is intentionally simple and meant to be hacked on. The cloud search is where we will be putting a bigger engine under the search engine.

Our goal is to eventually provide an industrial-grade cloud search, but also a powerful federated search engine, all powered using APIs.json. Offering a common way to approach both public and private search, helping shift the API discovery conversation in coming years.